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2013-06-22: Transfered all of my 2011 "My Year in Music" posts from Facebook.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Year in Music - 2011 - roundup

[This was originally posted on Facebook only, but I thought I'd make it a bit more accessible and get in in here. Just forgot about it for a couple of years].

2011 is coming to an end, and I figured I'd start looking back on some of the music that has emerged on my horizon this year. It's not all new, it's not all brilliant - but it all interests me in some way or another. I thought I'd share.

Despite the massive popularity and colossal feedback (1 "like" and 0 comments in 9 posts), I realize that I have to finish my "year in music" look on 2011. Xmas is approaching fast, and I'm running out of time.
I'm sure there's much I will forget to mention, but I'll do my best to include a few interesting elements here.

* Tom Waits' new album, "Bad As Me" is an absolute joy. Of course it is - it's Tom F'ing Waits. Small variations on the same theme, as always, but so what? Dismissing Tom because of that, is like dismissing whisky and claiming it all tastes "basically the same".
* Kate Bush released "50 Words for Snow" in 2011. Seven long, long, meditative songs that kinda hypnotize you and creep you out a little as well. Better than I expected.
* I have yet to delve deeper into My Brightest Diamond's latest album, "All Things Will Unwind", but I'm looking forward to that. Go listen to track #5, "Be Brave", if you don't know why I'm so excited about it.
* My old favorites Primus released another album this year, called "Green Naugahyde". I've started to forget about it already. I haven't been real excited about them since '97, so I just hope this new album may get Primus back to Oslo, where I can see them play some of their old tunes.
* Everybody's excited about Mastodon this year. Well... they're OK. I'm trying to like them more, but I don't know why I'm trying so hard - I guess I just feel I should.
* I can't remember any Norwegian bands that have thrilled me this year either. Too bad. Either I forgot something, or it's been a weak year. Maybe everything just looked pale and shitty, next to 2010's "Blackjazz" from Shining.

That's it. I'm closing everything off in exquisitely random fashion, with a video that didn't even come out in 2011, but in 2010.
Only reason it's here, is that it's a cool song and a funny video, and that I've watched and listened to it about 4397649 times over the last few weeks. And it's 2011 now. So.

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