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2013-06-22: Transfered all of my 2011 "My Year in Music" posts from Facebook.

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Year in Music - 2011 - #2

[This was originally posted on Facebook only, but I thought I'd make it a bit more accessible and get in in here. Just forgot about it for a couple of years].

2011 is coming to an end, and I figured I'd start looking back on some of the music that has emerged on my horizon this year. It's not all new, it's not all brilliant - but it all interests me in some way or another. I thought I'd share.

#2: Buke and Gase (formerly known as Buke and Gass)
Speaking of few musicians sounding like many musicians: The brilliant duo of Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez have created a unique and dense sound with their customized, eponymous instruments, the "buke" (baritone ukulele) and "gass/gase" (guitar-bass).
With Arone's voice a fine instrument added to this, and dynamic, interesting songs that suit the sound perfectly, we have a winning combination. I've plugged these guys before, and I will again, until they make it big.
(Thanks again to Radiolab for bringing the band to my attention).

"Sleep Gets Your Ghost" is from their excellent debut album, "Riposte".

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