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Friday, August 12, 2011

Combined Beauty --- pt.III

So! In part II of Combined Beauty, I morphed eight (arguably) beautiful women into four:

The next logical step, is to make these four into two. You, dear reader, should know the drill by now, so I won't bother to over-explain.

1) Natalie Whiteley and Bar Perry combine to make...

"Katy Whiteley":

2) Ann Munn and Mila Diaz combine to make...

"Cameron Munn":

(The naming process here is obvious, I hope - so that I don't have to explain that either).

Like in pt.II, I think that the women can still be considered beautiful, and that they haven't yet reached a level of unreality that could unnerve people who look at the pictures.
Also, I had expected them to become symmetrical much faster. I'm not sure why I had expected that (maybe I believed that one asymmetry would weigh up for another in a while), but now that I think about it, it could be just as likely that one particular form of asymmetry was dominant, so that in a few generations of non-genetical pairing, the hybrid women would end up with their right eye high on top of their foreheads (e.g.).
Now that I think about that last thought again, I realize that I'm an idiot, because those asymmetries are not "stackable" with this method of working. If I combine one woman with the right eye halfway up her forehead with another woman with the same eye halfway up her forehead... I'll still get a woman with her right eye halfway up her forehead - not all the way up. SO NEVER MIND WHAT I JUST SAID!

I'm also noting that it gets increasingly difficult to create clean outlines and details on the women. The Photographic quality of the images suffers from them being constantly copied and mashed together in new ways.
This is why I have to get increasingly creative and use more time to recycle outlines, like the one of Mila Kunis, e.g., with slight modifications. It's not because I favor some of the women - it's because it's practical and I don't want it to look like crap.

But I bore you!
To spare you all a part IV, I go straight ahead and combine Katy Whiteley and Cameron Munn into... (ta-daaah!)

"Olivia Whiteley"!


That's basically my conclusion.
All the questions I had, are left unanswered... and perhaps unanswerable.
Along the way, I haven't created a hybrid that I found more attractive than (most of) the originals, but I still think the faces look "beautiful" in an objective manner.
Also, I haven't yet stumbled across a combo-woman that looks exactly like a real person I've seen, celebrity or otherwise... so that's boring.

I could've measured Olivia Whiteley's facial features in regards to symmetry and phi and such, but I'm not that mad. Maybe someone else has thoughts about this little experiment of mine, but as for me... I'm done.
Is she beautiful? Is she creepy? Does she look like someone you've seen? Does the digital combination of faces constitute an affront to nature?
You tell me.

P.S.: The process of morphing faces is still lots of fun, though - so I'll be doing some more of that in the future. "Morph of the Week" or something.

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