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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Combined Beauty --- pt.II

At last - here is part two of the dorky experiment nobody is interested in but me. Rejoice!
As you may or may not remember from pt.I - I combined Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with Natalie Portman...
... to make "Natalie Whiteley":

Now I did the same thing with the other six women on Maxim's "Voted World’s Most Beautiful Girl" list and ended up with these four:

1: Natalie Whiteley

2: Ann Munn
3: Bar Perry

4: Mila Diaz

[Disclaimer: Some of these manipulated images don't represent my image tweaking skills properly. I've tried to maintain my sanity and reduce work time (and thus quality) a bit, so that this silly project doesn't eat my life for weeks.]

Already, I'm struggling to come up with a deeper purpose to this exercise, but a few interesting thoughts pop up.
* I'm looking at what could've been real-life women, and I wonder: are there four women out there who look exactly like these four?
If so: isn't that creepy? Is there a combination of two people out there for all of us - mix a and b 50/50, and he/she will look exactly like you?
* I'm also noticing that they haven't yet taken a full step into the realm of "unreality" - something I am sure will occur at some point of time. Not by the "first generation", then.
* I think these four hypothetical women can still be considered beautiful, like their "parents". So far, combinations of beauty have produced beauty... something that supports the idea that beauty is all about mathematics and symmetry and such.
(I'm making a mental note that I should try to combine unconventional beauty someday and see what happens. Say, Uma Thurman and... uh... someone similarly unconbeautiful).

So are you intrigued yet? No?
Well, maybe you will be when I launch Part III.


  1. Dette var artige greier :-) Men jeg skjønner ikke hvorfor ikke jeg er med på lista.... Jeg skal uansett følge med! Suss suss

  2. Hi, I was wondering if I could use your images from this series for an article. Please contact me if interested