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Monday, May 24, 2010


Lately, I haven't exactly been feeling that things have been going my way creatively. Projects seem to crash and burn as soon as I've managed to invest time and heart in them, and it's slowly started to grind me down.

So I decided to return, briefly, to something I've been doing a lot and feel comfortable with: Fantasy illustration. Well, "returning" may be a strong word - all I did was remember to post some art I finished a couple of years ago on Elfwood. Anyway, it was elected "Mod's Choice" that day. Not a huge feat, I know... but at this point, I'm pathetic enough to be cheered up by any pat on the shoulder from someone who isn't a personal friend; someone who's got no reason to give me praise, unless they truly appreciate my work.

... and I'm actually pleased with that pic myself.

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